Monday, February 22, 2010

Good News for Liverpool Transport Taskforce

Liverpool Transport Taskforce had been lobbying the Mininstry of Transport and Liverpool City Council regarding the installation of public toilet at Liverpool Interchange.
Finally, there is a sign of progress ; the Council is considering the request of Liverpool Transport Force and they have confirm that a submission has been put forward to Council's budget review panel, for consideration for inclusion in the 2010/11 financial year for the provision of the toilet facilities at Bigge Park.
Secondly, the Minister of Transport reviewed the request of Liverpool Transport Taskforce for toilet facilities at Liverpool Interchange and then contacted RailCorp to advise his staff to give access the bus users to use to the toilet at the concours. The Customer Service Manager at Liverpool station has advised that station staff do open the barriers to anyone who requires the use of the toilet facilities at the concours. This will accommodate the bus users at Liverpool Interchange to use the toilet facilities at the station.

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  1. Good on you - i've seen your video it is good, humurous and has its serious point. This will place your community's comfort first - Congratulations